Materials science and advanced technologies for better corrosion protection
20 - 24 September 2021, virtual event

Plenary Speakers

Local organizers have already confirmed participation of two invited plenary speakers with the hot topics of:


European Corrosion Medal Lecture

Application of advanced electrochemical and spectroscopical techniques to study the atmospheric corrosion of metals

Prof. Dr. Dominique Thierry  (CV)


Trace element influence of surface treatment and corrosion properties in recycled 6xxx aluminium alloys 

Dr. Jan-Olov Nilsson (CV)


Humidity induced failures and corrosion reliability problems in the electronics

Prof. Rajan Ambat (CV)


Young EFC proposal

Microscale corrosion studies: "with great power comes great responsibility"

Dr. Maryna G. Taryba


Scientific Programme

The programme of EUROCORR 2021 is still under construction.


Social Programme

The social events during EUROCORR 2021 will be announced soon.

The Annual Congress of the European Federation of Corrosion

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