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The European Corrosion Congress – EUROCORR, the EFC’s annual conference, is the flagship event of the international corrosion calendar. Attracting upwards of a thousand delegates, it is held every year in September in a different European country. EUROCORR is famous for its high technical standard and its popular social programme.



The Call for Papers for EUROCORR 2022 is now open

(Deadline Paper Submission 28 January 2022).


Questionnaire for EUROCORR participants

EUROCORR, takes place over 5 days and attracts about 1200-1300 delegates from all over the world.

EUROCORR is the flagship event of the EFC and is recognised as the corrosion congress with the highest academic level, unchallenged by other corrosion organisations; this event is therefore vital to the EFC. During the last decade, the congress and the exhibition have grown in size and effort is made to maintain and improve their quality and organisation from year to year. 

It will help us tremendously if you give us your feedback on how the future EUROCORR congresses should be organized. The answers are anonymous.

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Virtual EUROCORR 2021

Thank you for joining virtual EUROCORR 2021

The reCorded lectures are available to all registered participants until 23 November 2021!


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