Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme

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The following Sessions / Topics will be discussed:

Corrosion and Scale Inhibition (WP 1)
Corrosion by Hot Gases and Combustion Products (WP 3)
Nuclear Corrosion (WP 4)
Environment Sensitive Fracture (WP 5)
Corrosion Mechanisms & Methods (WP 6 & 8)
Corrosion Education and Computer Applications (WP 7)
Marine Corrosion (WP 9)
Microbial Corrosion (WP 10)
Corrosion of Steel in Concrete (WP 11)
Corrosion in Oil & Gas Production (WP 13)
Materials for Oil and Gas (WP 13)
Corrosion, Erosion and Corrosion Monitoring (WP 13)
Coatings (WP 14)
- Anodising Layers (WP 14)
- Inorganic Coatings  (WP 14)
- Metallic Coatings  (WP 14)
- Organic Coatings  (WP 14)
- Self-Healing Coatings  (WP 14)
- Sol-Gel Coatings  (WP 14)
Corrosion in the Refinery Industry (WP 15)
Cathodic Protection (WP 16)
Automotive Corrosion (WP 17)
Tribocorrosion (WP 18)
Corrosion of Polymer Materials (WP 19)
Corrosion & Corrosion Protection of Drinking Water Systems (WP 20)
Joint Session on Atmospheric Corrosion and Heritage Artefacts (WP 21)
BIOCOR Session
CCS Related Corrosion Research in Germany
Joint Session of EFC WP 13 / NACE TEG374X on Sour Service
Joint Session: Coatings for High Temperature Applications (WP 3 & WP 14)
Joint Workshop on High Temperature Corrosion in Refinery and Process Industries (WP 3 & WP 15)
Local Probing of Corrosion Phenomena
Marine and Offshore Cathodic Protection (WP 9 & WP 16)
Marine Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry 
Simulation, Modelling and Corrosion Prediction
Workshop on Corrosion Inhibition in Oil & Gas
(EFC WP 1 & WP 13 & NACE STG 61)
Workshop on Corrosion Monitoring in Nuclear Systems (Research and Applications)
Workshop on the Corrosion of Biomaterials