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For over 30 years, 3X ENGINEERING (3X) is one of the world leading companies specialized in pipeline maintenance using composite technology. Mainly operating in Oil & Gas industry, 3X expertise also extends to Power and Construction sectors. Developer, manufacturer, seller and installer of our products we offer to our clients a complete integrated service. From our head offices in Monaco, we operate worldwide, in any environments (onshore, offshore and subsea), thanks to our large qualified distribution network of over 60 partners.


AMPP is a global community of professionals dedicated to materials protection through the advancement of corrosion control and protective coatings. AMPP protects infrastructure and assets worldwide through member and workforce education and credentialing, company accreditation, technological innovation, and global standardization. We represent the largest global community of corrosion and protective coatings professionals and our members are dedicated to advancing technical and practical expertise in corrosion prevention and control.


AUTOMA designs, engineers and manufactures Made in Italy technologies for remote monitoring in the Oil, Gas and Water sector, with specific focus on the remote monitoring of cathodic protection and odorant, and on the remote control and regulation of pressure cabins.

With the brand GOLIAH®AUTOMA offers a complete range of field devices and the proprietary software suite WebProCat for the fulfilling of all monitoring, recording, functional control activities with reports of anomalies in real time, according to the needs and setting choices of the customer.

Today, AUTOMA has more than 30k active installed devices in more than 30 countries, and the trend is rising more and more!

Bio-Logic Science Instruments GmbH

Bio-Logic, a global high-tech company from Grenoble, France, develops, produces and sells a high-precision and high-performance range of potentiostats, galvanostats, battery cyclers and impedance analyzers. Whether you use polarization curves, OCP, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, large voltages or very low currents: With our modular instruments and our large accessory range, we can offer electrochemical characterization for most corrosion challenges you may face in your laboratory.

C3 / Gamry Instruments, Inc.

Gamry Instruments designs, manufactures, and sells electrochemical instrumentation and accessories, designed to fit your needs and budget. This includes basic DC corrosion measurements, electrochemical impedance, noise, and frequency modulation. We have a variety of single and multichannel potentiostats, QCMs, multiplexer, RCE setups, and cells/accessories.

In the DACH region, C3 has been the contact for Gamry products for 25 years. We guarantee fast technical support, take care of sales and provide competent application consulting.


ClampOn is a privately owned Norwegian company founded in 1994. ClampOn has become the leading worldwide supplier of topside and subsea non-invasive ultrasonic intelligent sensors for sand/particle monitoring, pig detection, leak monitoring, vibration monitoring, corrosion-erosion monitoring, well collision detection and flow temperature monitoring. We work with our customers in the energy industry to optimize their well productivity and to safeguard their investments.

Uncomplicated technology, modular design, easy installation and little or no calibration are watchwords for ClampOn’s range of instruments.

Our leading-edge technology has made ClampOn capable and competitive in offering the products that customers are looking for. Our reference list is an expression of this. We regard sales to companies such as BP, ConocoPhillips, Petrobras, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Equinor, Total and Shell as proof that we offer what the market needs. Some of these have selected ClampOn as its main supplier of sand monitoring systems after extensive testing of all systems available today on the market.


At COMSOL, we develop mathematical modeling software that drives new breakthroughs in physics and engineering — and we love what we do. Our flagship product, COMSOL Multiphysics®, is used in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research for modeling multiphysics systems. Our customers use the software to understand, predict, innovate, and optimize product designs and processes.

The Corrosion Module add-on to the COMSOL Multiphysics® platform includes features, interfaces, and example models that enable a straightforward approach to the simulation of all electrochemical corrosion processes.


Cormet Testing Systems offers material and corrosion testing instruments including
- Loading devices for SCC and fatigue tests.
- HT HP electrochemical and water chemistry sensors.
- Recirculation loops for water, steam and SCW environment.
- Autoclaves.
- Testing instruments for H2S containing environments.
- Tribocorrosion instruments.
- Customised corrosion research and testing instruments.

All the instruments are available as room temperature and high temperature high pressure versions.

Cortec Corporation®

Cortec Corporation® is the world leader in innovative corrosion protection solutions and biotechnology. With 6 facilities in the US and Canada, and 4 production, logistics and office locations in Croatia, we deliver environmentally responsible VpCI®and MCI® corrosion control technologies, for corrosion problems in packaging, metalworking, construction, electronics, oil and gas, and many other industries. EcoCortec® plant, part of Cortec Group located in Beli Manastir, specializes in production of environmentally safe, patented anticorrosion films and bags. Chemical blending facility, CorteCros® located in Kastel Sucurac, manufactures a wide range of corrosion protection cleaners, rust preventatives, coatings and additives.  The company provides solutions for all industries, with extensive experience in military and oil and gas applications. State- of-the- art laboratories at both Croatian facilities offer world class testing services to meet the highest industry standards. Cortec Group distribution network encompasses over 120 countries throughout the world.

Duvine Limited

With over 35 years’ experience, Duvine Ltd are specialist designers and manufacturers of switch-mode power systems for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Solutions.

We offer power modules starting as low as 1µA for use in single or multi-zone output systems. 

We provide systems for the protection of pipelines, plants, jetty’s, buildings, monuments and bridges across the world.

Features available: remote access and control, low ripple, inbuilt interrupters, hot swap functionality, digital displays, GPS synchronisation, SMS alerts and integration with other external monitoring solutions.


As a scientific organisation, the European Federation of Corrosion would like to express its strong support for the Joint Statement by the National Academies of the G7 States on Russia’s Attack on Ukraine.
We stand by all Ukrainians affected by this unjustified attack on their country and express our heartfelt sympathy to the people of Ukraine, in particular to the families of those killed, injured or displaced from their homes.
The unprovoked attack on Ukraine is a fundamental breach of the democratic values upon which the EFC is built. Therefore, the Board of Administrators has decided to suspend all activities with organisations affiliated with the authorities of the Russian Federation with immediate effect.
In this dark hour, we add our voices to all (including many Russians) who oppose this aggression, with the profound hope that this desperate situation can be resolved as expediently as possible, while minimising any further unnecessary loss of life.


ELANTAS Europe belongs to the ALTANA group and is leading manufacturer of insulating materials and specialty chemicals.

Especially for the protection against corrosion as well as against mechanical and chemical stress we offer a wide range of materials:

  • Conformal coatings & potting materials for electronic devices and components
  • Impregnating & finishing varnishes for transformers, generators, motors
  • Coatings for parts and pipes
  • Specialty protection materials for Marine applications
  • Protecting & insulation materials for high/low voltage
  • Hightech polymers for automotive applications

FEAC Engineering P.C. is an engineering & consulting company, highly specialized in Simulation Driven Product Development & physics-based Digital Twins. The company is based in Greece and operates in the global market by developing and providing specialized simulation software and consulting services, to solve challenging & complex engineering problems. FEAC develops and offers PITHIA-CP solver, Siemens DISW add-on module of choice for Cathodic Protection CAE solutions. PITHIA-CP provides realistic virtual models of Cathodic Protection systems in structures, with accurate prediction of current and potential distribution for the Marine, Oil & Gas, Offshore, Renewable Energy, Defense & Construction industry.


Framatome supports the safe & efficient operation of key equipment in demanding environments. Our expertise is based on decades working on materials, coating, welding and corrosion. We operate comprehensively equipped laboratories for destructive testing and NDE, for customized corrosion testing in various environments, and welding and manufacturing optimization. We perform root cause analyses, fracture mechanics and fitness-for-service assessments – servicing nuclear and non-nuclear industries.

GUARANT Intern. spol. s r.o.

Organisers of EUROCORR 2023.


Since 1991, we have fostered the success of our clients by organising international congresses, conferences and events around the world. To our customers we guarantee a high level of expertise, precision and professionalism.

We are professionals in organising tailor-made events. The result is a successful event that exceeds all client’s expectations.

The goal of our work and the measure of its quality is the satisfaction and success of all our clients.

IPS Elektroniklabor GmbH & Co. KG

IPS Elektroniklabor GmbH & Co KG has been developing, manufacturing and supplying potentiostats/galvanostats, rotating electrodes and corrosion measuring cells for more than 25 years.
The main focus is on the development and manufacturing of standard equipment as well as customized devices and systems for experiments and analyses in corrosion research.
Various systems for testing components under hydrogen atmospheres are an expanding business area. Our delivery program ranges from simple systems such as the Devanathan cell to complete H2 test systems with mechanical loading, temperature control and pressure or vacuum conditions.
Our customers are from R&D and from the commercial sector.


Discover our versatile range of potentiostats/galvanostats with integrated FRA/EIS for corrosion measurements.

 For in the field the truly portable USB powered potentiostats with FRA/EIS:

#  pocketSTAT2 - handheld (battery pack with Bluetooth connection available)

#  CompactStat - 24bit high resolution 

For in the lab:

# Vertex entry level product line

# IviumStat - 24bit high resolution all purpose potentiostats

# Ivium-n-Stat and OctoStat affordable multichannel potentiostats

Our powerful IviumSoft control and data analysis software offers all electrochemical and corrosion techniques, and is included free of charge with each instrument. Additional options such as multiplexers, power boosters and corrosion cells are available.

Kleiss & Co b.v.

Kleiss & Co b.v. has almost 50 years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering of equipment and materials for the construction and maintenance of pipelines and pipeline related substrates.

Luna Labs USA LLC

Luna Labs USA offers innovative environment and corrosion monitoring systems that change how organizations manage and protect assets, characterize environmental severity, and evaluate alloy and coating performance. Our monitoring systems provide continuous real-time corrosion measurements in laboratory tests, at outdoor sites, and on assets to improve asset availability, extend service life, reduce risk, and lower maintenance costs.  These monitoring systems have been used for aerospace, automotive, and infrastructure applications.


Metrohm sets the standard for electrochemistry instrumentation. Over 30 years ago, we created the first commercially available digital potentiostat/ galvanostat that was completely computer controlled. Today our NOVA software is the most powerful electrochemistry software on the market. VIONIC powered by INTELLO has the highest combined specifications in one single electrochemical instrument on the market. Each feature was created to meet the requirements of electrochemical research and improve your day-to-day discoveries.

Metrohm creates instruments that are suitable for most application areas including: corrosion, energy, environmental, sensors, and solar. Our customers may not always be electrochemists, but they are engaged in fundamental and applied research harnessing the power of electrochemistry for further understanding. They are driven to understand and improve electrochemical processes with the ambition to deliver new materials with superior properties and future possibilities.


The world of the Monti Group with MontiPower® and Corronation® is all about the power of innovation for surface preparation in the broadest sense from cleaning,  preparation, coatings, testing/inspection and education. Our clean MBX® and Bristle Blaster® Technologies to remove, clean and profile a substrate are truly unique. They always offer genuine added value without any loose abrasives. We want to offer every customer the cleanest solution and we put our heart and soul into achieving this. The Monti Group is located in the Netherlands with 2 plants. One in Spijk, Eemshaven and one in Oldenzaal. In Germany, in Hennef, we manufacture our belts and tools for surface prep. The Group has other offices in Houston (Texas), Manassas (VA), Macae Brazil and Abu Dhabi (UAE). We have made it our mission to provide all our users the cleanest, safest and easiest surface preparation solution, ensuring the best possible protective material bond. We pursue this mission with a belief that there should be no disagreement or confusion about proper surface preparation in relation to coating quality for long term protection. Our vision is to create reliable cleaning, removal and anchor profiling solutions for various substrates. This improves the overall long term protective performance of the asset. At the same time, we want to maintain our leading position in the market and impress users with unique innovative, fast, safe, environmentally and user-friendly solutions which go beyond the requirements of our client

OLI Systems

OLI Systems is a pioneer and established global leader in water chemistry and its applications in industrial processes. Delivering comprehensive process modeling and intelligent simulation insights for chemical processes that enhance operational efficiency and engineering productivity.

OLI Systems provides domain expertise with an extensive chemistry property database, differentiated thermodynamic and kinetic models and proven software platforms. Only OLI Systems can accurately simulate and automate multiple water chemistry-based processes in oil & gas, power generation, metals & mining, chemicals, water treatment and related industrial markets that maximize environmental sustainability and reduce OPEX.

Visit olisystems.com or follow OLI on LinkedIn 

PalmSens BV

At PalmSens we are committed to making electrochemistry easier, more portable, and more accessible for novice and advanced researchers and entrepreneurs.
We provide a comprehensive range of instruments for most types of electrochemistry with an emphasis on mobility. We manufacture the world’s smallest commercially available potentiostat module with EIS capabilities: the EmStat Pico. While our unique flagship instrument, the PalmSens4, is one of the most versatile and compact frequency response analysis (FRA) / EIS capable devices in the market.

PARR Instruments

Looking for corrosion testing equipment? Visit Parr Instrument Company at our stand to see how we can help speed up your research process with our high pressure, high temperature systems. Learn about our Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) System and Rotating Cage Apparatus each designed for evaluation of corrosion studies as described in ASTM G170 at elevated pressure and temperature.

Parr also offers a variety of pressure vessels, both standard and customized, for use with corrosion probes and for coupon testing - visit us and...

Let Us Build One for You!

Pietro Fiorentini

Since 1940, Pietro Fiorentini manufactures a wide range of technologically advanced solutions all along the natural gas system: from components and services for transmission and distribution networks, to a series of engineered systems. The significant investments of the last years have led to a leadership position in the Smart Metering sector and more generally in Smart Grids. The Company is now expanding its horizons towards green energy sources such as biomethane, hydrogen and power to gas.

Q-Lab Corporation

Q-Lab Corporation is a global provider of material durability testing products since 1956. We design and manufacture standard test substrates and corrosion coupons as well as corrosion, weathering &  light stability, and corrosion testers.  In addition, contract test services which include accelerated laboratory testing are available at Q-Lab Florida, Q-Lab Arizona, and Q-Lab Deutschland.  Outdoor exposure testing for weathering, lightfastness and corrosion are available at Q-Lab Florida and Q-Lab Arizona.


ReCorrTech provides customized testing, inspection and monitoring systems for coated infrastructure and products. Our Quantitative Coating Quality (QCQ) measurement technology captures the temporal patterns of barrier coating behavior that are a key to coatings ability to uphold as the first line of defense against coating defects and coating failure. QCQ is based on ISO 16773 standard with a readout on an easy-to-understand Log coating quality scale and is used for pre-qualification of coatings, predictive coating maintenance and coating application quality control. QCQ helps our customers achieve and maintain high coating quality objectives that ensure target useful coating life in the most challenging environments. The benefits of QCQ range from differentiating high durability coating products on the market to avoiding high coating maintenance costs, reclamations and production losses due to coating failures.


Welcome to the world of test specimens

Rocholl GmbH is specialized in the production and distribution of test specimens that are mainly used for testing sealants, adhesives, paints, varnishes and cleaning agents. Custom-made specimens and corrosion test panels for use in test laboratories in industry, public test institutes and research centers are also included in our product range.

Having grown steadily over the past few years, Rocholl now employs more than 20 specialists, all of whom are highly skilled in their field of expertise. Our suppliers and partners are constantly monitored to ensure a high level of quality.


SFTec is a technology-based startup founded in 2020 in the Canary Islands as an independent provider of assessment technologies.

Based on the use of data-driven non-destructive testing technologies along with tailor-made software and consulting services for the results analysis workflows, SFTec adds real value to the inspection process by providing digital solutions for corrosion coating integrity assessment, allowing data to be managed with reliability management systems throughout the coating life cycle and integrated into the entire value chain: from the initial processes of corrosion coating selection and characterization to installation, production and operational requirements.

Trenton Europe

Since 1949, Trenton has pioneered the development of microcrystalline wax-based anticorrosion products. Most well known is the Wax-Tape® brand wrap system, used with primers & outerwraps. Wraps meet a variety of needs, above and below ground and in high temperature applications. For additional protection, Trenton offers a range of outerwraps.. Benefits of Trenton’s products include: minimal surface prep, ease of application, conformable to irregular surfaces, removable for inspection, compatible with other coatings, environmentally friendly. Visit at www.trentoncorp.com

VDM Metals International GmbH

VDM Metals, is part of the Acerinox Group. VDM Metals develops and manufactures nickel, copper, cobalt and zirconium alloys as well as high-alloyed special stainless steels for the most demanding applications in different industries.  Each one of the company’s alloys is characterized by a unique combination of properties, depending on their chemical composition and the manufacturing process.

High-performance materials made by VDM Metals pass very stringent quality control. They are used in mission-critical applications and many of today's key technologies for large-scale implementation and safe handling of corrosive and high-temperature processes and procedures. VDM Metals is well prepared for the future.


Our Vision

Effective corrosion control measures are implemented by governments and corporations globally.

Our Mission

To faciliate global implementation of best practices in corrosion protection for public welfare.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Raise public awareness of corrosion to governments, corporations and the public.
  • Identify world best practices of corrosion mitigation.
  • Facilitate provision of corrosion control expertise.
  • Acquire sufficient funding to support our programs to fulfill our strategic objectives.

Achieving Our Goals

Joint committees have been designated to work on strategies for achieving each goal. We meet regularly via the Internet because of widespread locations and differing time zones.