Gold Sponsors

Trenton Europe

Since 1949, Trenton has pioneered the development of microcrystalline wax-based anticorrosion products. Most well known is the Wax-Tape® brand wrap system, used with primers & outerwraps. Wraps meet a variety of needs, above and below ground and in high temperature applications. For additional protection, Trenton offers a range of outerwraps.. Benefits of Trenton’s products include: minimal surface prep, ease of application, conformable to irregular surfaces, removable for inspection, compatible with other coatings, environmentally friendly. Visit at www.trentoncorp.com

VDM Metals International GmbH

VDM Metals, is part of the Acerinox Group. VDM Metals develops and manufactures nickel, copper, cobalt and zirconium alloys as well as high-alloyed special stainless steels for the most demanding applications in different industries.  Each one of the company’s alloys is characterized by a unique combination of properties, depending on their chemical composition and the manufacturing process.

High-performance materials made by VDM Metals pass very stringent quality control. They are used in mission-critical applications and many of today's key technologies for large-scale implementation and safe handling of corrosive and high-temperature processes and procedures. VDM Metals is well prepared for the future.

Silver Sponsors

C3 / Gamry Instruments, Inc.

Gamry Instruments designs, manufactures, and sells electrochemical instrumentation and accessories, designed to fit your needs and budget. This includes basic DC corrosion measurements, electrochemical impedance, noise, and frequency modulation. We have a variety of single and multichannel potentiostats, QCMs, multiplexer, RCE setups, and cells/accessories.

In the DACH region, C3 has been the contact for Gamry products for 25 years. We guarantee fast technical support, take care of sales and provide competent application consulting.


At COMSOL, we develop mathematical modeling software that drives new breakthroughs in physics and engineering — and we love what we do. Our flagship product, COMSOL Multiphysics®, is used in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research for modeling multiphysics systems. Our customers use the software to understand, predict, innovate, and optimize product designs and processes.

The Corrosion Module add-on to the COMSOL Multiphysics® platform includes features, interfaces, and example models that enable a straightforward approach to the simulation of all electrochemical corrosion processes.


Framatome supports the safe & efficient operation of key equipment in demanding environments. Our expertise is based on decades working on materials, coating, welding and corrosion. We operate comprehensively equipped laboratories for destructive testing and NDE, for customized corrosion testing in various environments, and welding and manufacturing optimization. We perform root cause analyses, fracture mechanics and fitness-for-service assessments – servicing nuclear and non-nuclear industries.

OLI Systems

OLI Systems is a pioneer and established global leader in water chemistry and its applications in industrial processes. Delivering comprehensive process modeling and intelligent simulation insights for chemical processes that enhance operational efficiency and engineering productivity.

OLI Systems provides domain expertise with an extensive chemistry property database, differentiated thermodynamic and kinetic models and proven software platforms. Only OLI Systems can accurately simulate and automate multiple water chemistry-based processes in oil & gas, power generation, metals & mining, chemicals, water treatment and related industrial markets that maximize environmental sustainability and reduce OPEX.

Visit olisystems.com or follow OLI on LinkedIn 

Bronze Sponsors

Seppler GmbH

Seppeler – we make it work. This motto is more than just a promise. It is the Seppeler Group’s claim to be a strong, flexible and long-term partner to every customer. As a producer and service provider for hot dip galvanizing, coating, container technology or gratings production. For any challenge. In any industry. For this reason we at the Seppeler Group capitalise on specialist expertise and personal commitment.

We love things that are long-lasting. In over 100 years, Seppeler has developed into a flexible group of companies with regionally anchored locations.The business units in Germany, Poland and Switzerland form a strong network with almost 1,600 members of staff. Thanks to individual solutions, advanced techniques and a strong focus on service, we offer our customers the best solution. And we offer our employees secure, valuable employment.