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Trenton Europe

Since 1949, Trenton has pioneered the development of microcrystalline wax-based anticorrosion products. Most well known is the Wax-Tape® brand wrap system, used with primers & outerwraps. Wraps meet a variety of needs, above and below ground and in high temperature applications. For additional protection, Trenton offers a range of outerwraps.. Benefits of Trenton’s products include: minimal surface prep, ease of application, conformable to irregular surfaces, removable for inspection, compatible with other coatings, environmentally friendly. Visit at www.trentoncorp.com

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C3 / Gamry Instruments, Inc.

Gamry Instruments designs, manufactures, and sells electrochemical instrumentation and accessories, designed to fit your needs and budget. This includes basic DC corrosion measurements, electrochemical impedance, noise, and frequency modulation. We have a variety of single and multichannel potentiostats, QCMs, multiplexer, RCE setups, and cells/accessories.

In the DACH region, C3 has been the contact for Gamry products for 25 years. We guarantee fast technical support, take care of sales and provide competent application consulting.


Framatome supports the safe & efficient operation of key equipment in demanding environments. Our expertise is based on decades working on materials, coating, welding and corrosion. We operate comprehensively equipped laboratories for destructive testing and NDE, for customized corrosion testing in various environments, and welding and manufacturing optimization. We perform root cause analyses, fracture mechanics and fitness-for-service assessments – servicing nuclear and non-nuclear industries.