Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors

Materials science and advanced technologies for better corrosion protection
20 - 24 September 2021, virtual event

Technical Information for virtual Lectures

All Lectures will be held in a virtual format through Zoom on the virtual EUROCORR website. The time for Lectures (orals) is 20 minutes, including discussion. Strict timekeeping will be essential for the smooth running of the meeting. Lectures must be presented in English.

For the virtual EUROCORR 2021 we prefer to have live lectures in order to enable interactive scientific discussion. We will schedule the lectures of Asian/Australian authors in the morning and the lectures of American authors in the afternoon, so that all authors can hold their lectures during European day time hours. For the case that you are absolutely not available, an advance recording of your lecture for the congress may be a possibility. Please contact us if an advance recording is required.


Preparation and Presentation of virtual Posters

Each poster presentation will be displayed on a poster stand within the virtual conference. Your poster stand will display your poster title, the presenting author, the abstract, and the poster file. You also have the option of adding a single web link to your poster stand (YouTube video/demonstration, publication link, Linkedin/Xing bio, etc). Also your contact email will be available to the visitors for communication. A chat tool will be implemented, so that you will be able to communicate with interested colleagues (further information will follow). We will use the submitting person’s contact details for display of contact information.


Author’s Registration

Please note that registration of the presenting author is mandatory for each accepted contribution. In order to include your lecture/poster in the virtual conference, the presenting author has no be registered and payed the registration fees by 30 June 2021. Non registered authors will be withdrawn from the program after this date.